When a fledgling shaman returns from a vision quest and discovers his tribe has been ravaged by an unending winter, he alone can uncover what is causing nature’s deadly imbalance.

As he embarks on his journey, visions sent from his fallen people will lead him to the truth about winter’s curse – but only by growing his powers as a shaman, hunter, and shapeshifter will he be able to finally break it.d beyond sight.

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  • Master powerful shapeshifting abilities.
  • Switch into multiple animal forms to explore new territory, overcome enemies and solve challenging environmental puzzles that truly put your problem-solving skills to the test.
  • Immerse yourself in a stunning cinematic adventure, where you alone can break the curse of eternal winter.
  • Be one with nature – track your prey, move in the shadows and make stealth your greatest strength.
  • Discover an innovative camera system with three points of view optimized for every moment of gameplay.
  • Feel closer to the action – realistic in-game hands and arms mirror your movements with total accuracy.
  • Uncover rare collectibles that reveal more of the story through beautiful cutscenes.


Immerse yourself in Shaman: Spirithunter, a story driven action-adventure, where you scout and hunt depraved animal spirits to grow and unlock shaman powers.

Once strong enough, you can finally face the elusive Great White Stag to bring about an end to the eternal winter ravaging his land. The very survival of your people depends on your skill as a hunter and spiritual shaman.


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